Edinburgh Based Artist.
Usually working with found photographs, a lens, a computer and a pencil.



Multimedia installation: wood, projector, cameras, paint, computer, headphones, custom software, paper, brackets, screws.

120 x 240 x 160cm.

The structure is to be seated in. On the screen in front of you there is prerecorded footage showing the the place you are sitting in. It was filmed with the a static camera still embedded in the structure. There is also an emmersive instrumental soundtrack on a set of headphones. The camera in the back corner of the box is collecting footage and every 15 seconds the prerecorded footage is replaced with a live feed (on a 5 second delay) for 5 seconds. What appears on the screen thoughout the first day of exhibition is recorded by the computer software and is the prerecorded 'base' footage for the next day. This build up of recorded footage happens every day untill the exhibition ends.

Custom software by Alex Tobin. Custom soundtrack by Ginger Shackleton.




Intermedia Art Degree Show 2011, Edinburgh College of Art.