Edinburgh Based Artist.
Usually working with found photographs, a lens, a computer and a pencil.



Contact microphone, 200m cable, amplifier

A contact microphone is positioned upstairs and the cable fed down to the quiet basement corridor below and plugged into an amplifier to play out loud.

People have expectations in silence, they can expect something. It makes for awkwardness. It's harder to be in their own space. The ‘maintenance’ corridor is a long, quite busy corridor but I find it dissonantly quiet. A lot of people whistle in the maintenance corridor perhaps to ease this. I want to bring down the background noise from upstairs down in order to compose a space more at ease with itself.

long corridor with an amp and a person walking alone in the background

Detail shot: long corridor with an amp

cable running down the side of a door

cable gathered and running towards a wall

a contact microphone attached to a metal window frame

Edinburgh College of Art.